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Fishnet Hosiery in Pantyhose & Tights are considered very sexy and convenient the way they are normally the see-thru fish netting all the way up to the waist. The open, diamond-shaped knit in our Fishnet pantyhose and tights comes in three pattern sizes: the original or traditional Fishnet size diamond shapes, larger Diamond (or Industrial) Net and the largest, called Fence Net. These three types of net stockings are all very sexy, and can be made from a variety of materials, including nylon, Lycra and Spandex or blends of two or more materials. Choose from a wide number of patterns and colors and different pantyhose tops including thong and traditional panty top. Select from diamond net, pothole net, big hole honeycomb, ripped, distressed, hexagon, seamed and spider net. Remember to take advantage of our scaling discount that increases with the size of your order.

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Diamond Net Pantyhose Vintage Pinstripe Net Pantyhose Mega Diamond Fishnet Tights Diamond-Weave Net Design Pantyhose
Detailed Symmetrical Lace Pantyhose Floral Lace Micro Net Pantyhose Fishnet Pantyhose Thong-back Pantyhose
Christina Diamond Net Fence Net Pantyhose Five String Fencenet Tights Diamond Net Pantyhose w/Star Design
Nude w/Black Seam Fishnet Pantyhose Ruffle Seams w/Bow Accent Fishnets Diamond Net Pantyhose w/backseams Ripped Net Pantyhose