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Printed & Textured Tights....have a printed or textured design and are usually of a heavier material than pantyhose. Most are opaque, and have a weight over 20 denier thickness for durability, warmth, printable surface and design. Tights can enhance your legs, hide parts of your legs, or actually put a new "skin" over your legs. They can be worn under skirts, long sweaters, long blouses, and since they basically cover your legs, they help make your legs look as good as anyone else's. Add color, add texture, have fun!

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Vintage Pinstripe Net Pantyhose Swirl Net Pantyhose w/Braided Side Seam Laced Rose Tights w/Open Net Sides Opaque Pantyhose w/Sheer Side Floral
Laced Rose Tights w/Open Net Sides #SC61132
Our Price: $8.69
Heart Net Pantyhose Sheer Pantyhose with Geometric Design Faux Lace-up Thigh High Boot look Detailed Symmetrical Lace Pantyhose
Net Pantyhose w/Sugar Skull Design Mega Diamond Fishnet Tights Floral Lace Micro Net Pantyhose Pantyhose Looks Like Thigh Highs
Diamond Net Pantyhose w/Star Design Sheer Pantyhose w/Criss-cross Detail Pothole Fishnet Pantyhose Intricate Feather like Pattern Pantyhose
Crocheted Net Pantyhose Polka Dot Black Sheer Pantyhose Sheer Pantyhose with Contrasting Polka Dots Checker Design Net Pantyhose
Net & Floral Design Pantyhose Black Cat w/Sheer Thigh Pantyhose Black Bear w/Sheer Thigh Pantyhose Soft Poly Tights
Black Bear w/Sheer Thigh Pantyhose #EG8048
Our Price: $8.95