Stocking Sizes

It is impossible to put up a simple size chart because we sell two fundamentally different types of stockings, Ultra Sheer non-stretch stockings and sheer stretchstockings.   Also, because we have stockings from several manufacturers from several countries, we have tried to equalize our sizing system.  If you see a chart on the package of stockings that does not seem to match ours it is because that manufacturer uses a different sizing system than ours.

A person's weight is very important when sizing stockings.  Even ultra-sheer stockings will stretch longer, but are like any unstructured knitted clothing, as like sweaters getting shorter as they are stretched wider.  A good rule is to add a size for every 20 lbs. over the suggested weight.  In other words, if your legs are very slim, go down a size;  if your legs are heavier, go up a size.  If you know that you have relatively heavy or thick thighs you should be aware that stockings with a silicone upper welt will fit the thigh very tightly, in the first place, so pick the next size up and they will fit you better.   If you are unsure of your size, maybe include the weight and height in the order comments blank, upon check-out, and we can make sure the item will fit you.    You may also email us with questions at, or give us a call  between 8:30AM - 4:00PM EST, Mon - Fri.

Ultra-Sheer 100% nylon non-stretch stockings,   generally agreed upon as being the most attractive looking stockings on the leg, are also the most difficult to wear and fit properly.  Because they contain no Lycra or stretch nylon, as in pantyhose that most people are familiar with, they must be fit exactly to the wearer.  Also, do not be fooled by the word "lace-top".  Although some ultra sheer stockings come with lace-tops they are not the same as the "lace-top hold-up", which stays up on its own.

Ultra Sheer stockings also always require a garter belt or garters attached to some other undergarment to hold them up.  It is for this reason, that you must consider the garters and the stocking as a team.  If you are wearing a garter belt and it is too big, or too flimsy, it will cause your stockings to sag, even if they are properly fit.  A garter belt should fit comfortably loose at the waist.  As the stockings pull on the straps, it will then move down slightly on the hips where it will stop, as the average woman's hips are about 10 inches larger than the waist.  For example, let's say you usually wear your stockings at mid thigh and they stay up fine with no wrinkles, but you want to wear them longer with a shorter skirt.  You would then go up a size in the stockings, but you need to have shorter garters or they will bag because the garters are too long to keep tension on the longer stockings.

Many times European manufacturers will use a numerical sizing system of #1 through #5.  Size #1 - Petite, size #2 - Small, size #3 - Medium, size #4 - Long, and size #5 - XL.  Our research has shown the European size #3 to be a perfect Medium.  That means Medium will fit a 5'4" woman weighing 125 lbs. perfectly.  Most of the pictures you see on the website are models wearing Medium stockings.  Some American sizes will be sized A,B,C,D which in this case a size C would be medium.

There may be a difference in the leg shape of different brand stockings.  If one brand does not seem to fit comfortably, try a different brand.  Many new customers try one each, of several brands to see which one suits them best.  These two size charts should help you find your size in the Ultra Sheer stockings and also some of the sheer stretch stockings which come in multiple sizes.

Under 5'2"......110 & under......P/S
5'2" - 5'4".......110 - 130.........S/M
5'4" - 5'7".......130 - 145.........M/L
Over 5'7"........145 & over.........XL

Under 5'1".....under 105...........P
5'1" - 5'3".....105 - 115............S
5'3" - 5'5"......115 - 128...........M
5'5" - 5'8".......128 - 150...........L
5'9" - 6'..........150 - 185..........XL

Stretch Stockings   are either made with a specially constructed nylon stretch yarn, or contain Lycra, a stretch yarn with memory.  The sizing of these stockings does not have to be nearly as accurate as the ultra-sheers because of this stretch.

Many domestic stockings are simply marked One size, and they will fit up to 160 lbs..  Some may even have a Queensize which will go from 160 to about 190 lbs..  These stockings also require garters, but because they stretch so much, the type of garter (4 or 6 strap) is not as important as with the ultra sheers.  Several of our higher priced European stretch stockings come in two, three, or some in four and five sizes.  They may be S/M meaning Small to Medium, or L/XL meaning Large to Extra Large.  Sometimes they come in the five numbered sizes as explained earlier, or they may just come in S, M, and L, depending on the the manufacturer.

The more expensive stockings contain some percentage of Lycra yarn, which gives the yarn "memory", meaning it should return to its original shape instead of stretching out and staying that way.  Lycra also gives the stocking a high sheen, making it look similar to the ultra -sheers.  Although these stockings do not have the problems that the ultra-sheers have, like twisting or wrinking, they have their own problems.  If the stockings are worn too big, or have not been pulled on correctly, you will see distinct color variations around the ankles where the yarn is not stretched enough, making the color denser than the knees and thighs where it is stretched more.  If this happens, you may want to go down a size.

Hold-Ups   are probably the easiest to fit as there is no garter involved.  The stocking can be worn as high or low as you like and the elastic and silicone top should hold them in place.  If you have heavy thighs, you may have to go up a size so the top will not be too constraining, which is true with all types of stockings.  You can use the size charts below for sizing recommendations.

Pantyhose   are also made of stretch nylon, so the same rules would apply.  Note should be taken that tall women even if thin, may want to order a long or XL size so the crotch will not tend to fall down.  the same applies to heavier women where they need more room in the panty or thigh area.  We have plus size pantyhose for the very tall or very heavy.

Plus Size   hosiery if you are very tall, but weigh less than 175 lbs., you can probably wear any Queensize or XL product in our regular lineup.  If you are over 190 lbs., we suggest you look into our PlusSize items from 1X to 6X.  We suggest the stretch stockings for the plus sized figure because it is more forgiving, but we do have a few ultra-sheer styles in the plus sizes, notably the Divine Divas #VB09and VB09BS.  These come in sizes 12 or 13 with size 13 being slightly a fuller leg than size 12.  These will fit up to 6'1" tall, and up to 250 lbs., as will the Gio brandreinforeced heel and toe XXL and XXXL (#TG301), with the XXX size have a slightly fuller leg.  The Full Fashioned XXX StockingStore brand #VB10, as well as the Gio Full Fashioned #GS101 and #GS201 will also fit that size range.

We have a comprehensive line of plus size hosiery by Isabella.  See the chart below
         5'0" - 5'8"........100 - 160............Reg 1/S
  5'2" - 6'0"........150 - 190...............Q
   5' -  5'8"..........185 - 250...........3-4X
    5'5" - 6'.........205 - 250............5-6X