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Thigh-High Stockings or Thigh Highs and Thigh High Hold-Ups can work great on their own or can be used with garters, it depends on your personal preference. Many stockings which call themselves Thigh Highs may not be able to keep themselves up. There are many styles from which to choose, including patterned, or plain, in sheer, ultra-sheer or opaque. Thigh-highs are also available with many top welt options, like lace, ribbed, elastic, or with silicone on the inside of the welt. These silicone grabbers really hold thigh highs up without any out side assistance. Vertical and horizontal stripes, lace mesh, fishnet and sheer seamed stockings make an interesting alternative for special occasions. Younger women seem to appreciate the Hold-up stockings more because of the simplicity in wearing and the wide range in fashion and styles.

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Leanna seamed lace-top stocking Sheer Stretch Lace-top Hold-Ups Sheer 5" Lace-Top Thi-Hi Hold-ups Lace top Hold-up stockings
Wide Stripe Opaque Thigh-Hi Black Sheer Th-Hi with Leopard Lace-Top Polka Dot Sheer Spandex Thi-Hi's Sheer Polka Dot Lace-top Thigh High
Spandex Polka Dot Thigh High Super Sheer Pinstriped Thigh High Black Sheer Lace-Top Diamond Dot Thigh High Sheer Thin Stripes w/side Seam Thigh Highs
Zig Zay Net Thigh High #EM1106 Sheer Thigh Highs w/Striped Stay up Top Sheer Stretch Thigh High Stgs Net & Heart Designed Thigh Highs
Red Athletic Ribbed Thi-Hi's Bow Lace Stockings w/Lace-Top Sheer Seamed Lacetop Stockings Two-Tone Pink/Yellow Thigh Hi
We have found that the Thigh High Stockings with the silicone grippers on the inside of the top welt have proven themselves to keep these stockings up the best.