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Lace-Top Stockings ...have decorative lace tops. Sometimes these are called Thigh-Highs with lace-tops. Some require a garter belt to hold them up and others stay up by themselves.. Some do have a certain amount of elasticity in the top lace welt, but many do not. If we show some lace-top stockings with a garter belt, then we are suggesting that this particular style needs garters to keep them up. If we show the stockings without garters in the picture, then we don't think you will need a garter belt to hold them up. Many young people today may choose to wear stockings but would rather wear stockings that do not need garters, This a personal choice and the only downside would be having to pull them up snug every so often.
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Sheer Stretch Lace-top Hold-Ups Lace top Hold-up stockings Sheer Polka Dot Lace-top Thigh High Bow Lace Stockings w/Lace-Top
Lace-Top Seamed Stockings Shimmering Hold-ups Contrasting top Thigh Highs Sheer Mini Dot Lace-Top Thi-Hi's
Shimmering Lace-Top Hold-Ups USA #BK1430
Our Price: $9.69 MADE IN AMERICA
Lace Top Stockings Blosson Lace-Top Stockings Leanna seamed lace-top stocking Sheer Stretch Stgs. w/Lace-Tops
Lace-top Seamed Stockings Seamed Lace-Top Fishnet Stgs Flash Tape
Flash Tape #BZ-S1009
Our Price: $7.95
You are looking at Lace-Top Stockings. Many of these need something to hold them up. If you would like Thigh Highs that hold themselves up then take a look at the sub-category "Hold-ups".