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Garter Belts
Here at StockingStore, we pride ourselves on offering unique hosiery items from around the world. Our garter belts, or as our British neighbors refer to them, suspender belts, are no exception, and we strive to carry a number of different materials. Find garter belts made of satin, nylon, lace, spandex and leather to fit a variety of tastes and styles.
Finding your Fit: When choosing a garter belt, it is important to keep in mind that a garter belt and stocking should work in tandem to provide proper fit. Non- stretch 100% nylon stockings usually require a good garter belt to ensure proper fit. The more straps the merrier, and any number above 4 should provide the proper stocking support and prevent bagging or wrinkling. Before ordering, obtain your proper waist size or the size in inches of where you are going to wear the belt (waist, low on hips, high on hips?) so that your stockings look their best. Remember, large orders can receive an instant additional discount.
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Stretch Garter Belt & Stocking Special Satin Rubber-Look 6-Strap Garter Belt Stretch Lace & Satin Garter Dress sexy lace garter belt
Black & White w/Lace Garter Belt Boy Short w/Garters Wide Band Elastic Garter Belt Satin Leg Garters
Wide Lace Bridal Garter Lace Garter Belt w/matching thong Garter Strap w/Hook Garter Strap