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Welcome to StockingStore.com, located in Rochester NY, selling women's hosiery since 1989, bringing sexy and fashionable hosiery to the world. We carry a vast inventory of all styles of hosiery, stockings, garter belts, intimate apparel and accessories that fit all types and sizes. Our hosiery collection includes: Ultra Sheer and Sheer stockings, lace-top stockings, thigh-high hold-ups, sheer pantyhose, printed and colored tights, fashion Leggings, Fishnet hosiery, Bridal hosiery, and a full line of Plus Size stockings and pantyhose. We also carry a full line of Garter Belts, Lingerie, Body stockings, Corsets, Girdles, Shapewear, Costumes, and much, much more.

Did You Know This About Hosiery? Hosiery is an industry that includes articles of tight fitting material known as stockings, socks and tights collectively. Popular since the 1950-60's, hosiery has always enhanced the look of women's legs with smoothness and a slight shine, making them sexier looking than bare legs. The hosiery business has changed to where many styles are meant to be seen and can actually change the appearance of legs, such as tights, pantyhose and stockings. We at StockingStore supply the latest fashions in hosiery and welcome any and all women looking for a sexy way to spice things up. In our descriptions of stockings, we use the term "Denier" relating to the weight of fineness of the yarn, which in turn relates to the sheerness of the hosiery. The finer the yarn, the lower the denier number. A 30-denier is considered opaque, 20-denier is sheer, 15-denier is ultra sheer, and 10-denier or less is the very sheerest. If you get stuck on any other hosiery terminology you can use our complete "Stocking Glossary".

Our definition of "Stockings". Although the popular use of this word has come to mean any hosiery worn on the legs, including Pantyhose and Tights, we will stick with the more traditional definition. Stockings, as referred to on this website, come in pairs of two separate pieces, one for each leg and need to be held up by elastic, silicone gripper, or garters of some type. Stockings that hold themselves up with the silicone or elastic method are normally called Thigh-Highs, Thigh-High Hold-ups, or Lace-Tops. Stockings were originally made of silk back in the 16th century, then in the 1920's they really gained popularity since making a women's leg look and feel sexy. Shaping the women's leg and smoothing out any flaws in the skin. In the 1940's nylon stockings, or nylons, as they were called, replaced the silk stockings and promoted easier manufacturing and a lesser price.
Pantyhose is not the same as stockings. Pantyhose was created in the 1960's and got its name from the idea of panties being combined with hosiery. Pantyhose comes in many different styles. Control Top pantyhose which holds like shapewear and helps to hold in your stomach. Sheer to waist pantyhose, which is usually the same sheer material in the leg part carried up through to the top of the waist which is perfect for under that short skirt, side slit gowns, bathing suits, and lingerie. Sheer to waist pantyhose is on the fragile side and can run easily. Support pantyhose which is a little stronger fabric of heavier denier and helps support the legs and helps in circulation. Seamed pantyhose comes in most of the above, but has back seams running up the back of both legs from the heel to usually, just under the butt cheeks. Footless pantyhose, which we usually call Leggings, gives you the support and warmth, but with the freedom of wearing whatever you want on your feet, giving you a bare foot look under your shoes. Finally, there is the infamous "Crotchless" pantyhose which either has a medium size hole sewn into the crotch or the complete crotch area cut out. Either way, it makes pantyhose a little easier to operate in the bathroom and in the boudoir. While we're on the subject of pantyhose let's mention Tights, usually being the name of a pantyhose style with solid opaque colors, prints, or patterns. These can dramatically alter how women's legs can look.
Garter Belts help hold up certain styles of stockings.
These are sometimes called Suspender Belts in Europe. Correct spelling is garter belt with the space between the words garter and belt. They are garments made for the express purpose of holding up stockings. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with four to twelve adjustable straps to hold up the stockings. We have Garter Skirts, Garter Panties, Garter G-Strings, and a complete assortment of garter straps, which can be hooks or sewn to any type of garment to hold up stockings. The Garter Belt and Stockings should be considered a team. If you are going to wear a garter belt for any length of time we suggest wearing a 6-strap garter belt. each leg's stocking is being held up by 3 garters...one in the front, one on the outside, and one in the back. We find that these will hold up stockings properly for the duration of the day or night.

We Help You Save! Not only does StockingStore offer high quality hosiery and stockings at reduced prices, we also offer additional scaling discounts based on the quantity you order! Combined with our already reasonable shipping prices, we are focused on keeping you a happy and satisfied customer. Our savings are based on the total of the merchandise in your order. Larger orders can save anywhere from 10% to 20%. All percentages are calculated at checkout for your convenience. What are you waiting for? Take a look at all the different categories throughout our website. If you can't find what you want send us an email, customer=service@stockingstore.com, or give us a call between 9AM-4PM EST Mon-Fri, 1-800-724-9670. Thank you for visiting StockingStore.com. We offer a beautiful variety of fashion stockings, including Thigh Highs, Seamed stockings, Opaque Tights, Nylon Stockings, Sheer to Waist Pantyhose, Ankle and Knee High socks, Hosiery Accessories, and much, much more.

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